the tattered journal


haha!! chip and i beat baldur's gate 3 this weekend and it was. fun. i still wouldnt recommend the game to anyone until they patch the shit out of the last quarter of it, because. none of those glitches and preformance issues were even slightly amusing.
now he and i are likely getting back in to XIV again soon, what with the new content patch releasing soon.

i hope there's more housing items added.

here's a lil screenshot of my lalafell dwarf


well this is my first proper venture in to actually setting up my own site for blogging!

i have made previous attempts but i usually just end up going back to tumblr for both serious life updates and shitposts.
it's just so simple to use... but too exposed. i prefer being a recluse that's hard to find lol.

that said, i don't really know what i will do with this site yet. i will likely try to set up a gallery page...?
i considered using pillowfort but like, it's not great for displaying multiple thumbnails or images at once.
really, i'm just fiddling with all this to express myself without having to struggle with my art tablet for a bit. i keep going through phases with my art where i spit out several rendered pieces and then just use the xp-pen as a second monitor for like a year and a half. meh.